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"Both our maids left yesterday. There was nobody home when I arrived today... so I blared music from my stereos. Hehe! >:)

"When I say 'fuck’, you say 'you'! Fuck!!!"

Heheh... Hopefully, that'll teach the neighbors some sensitivity to the F word...

"Our two maids left, due to easily avoided miscommunication. Their responsibilities had been inherited to us... and had been stacked above our regular homeworks or team projects. Our workload was multiplied... and as of now, after being awake for nearly 17 hours, losing energy at an unexpected rate, I feel like my muscles are about to give its last heave."

Christ. Pagkatapos pa talaga ng NSTP... Oh well.

Speaking of NSTP...

"Block N bonded a little, thanks to the lengthy and unnecessary breaks that the teachers of Bagong Silangan bestowed on us. We had a few laughs and shared jokes, riddles, whatnot. For a brief glittering moment, [N] finally shattered all their barriers and welcomed their blockmates' company. Even though our bonding session lasted momentarily, N, for once was a single united block. *sigh* I wish Mutya and Clarissa were there.

“On the other hand, I myself made some progress in bonding with some of my blockmates. Peter, Jason and I shared stories about our high school dissection experiments to our frustrations in life. We shared our psat experiences could fortunately relate to each other, despite of the different worlds that the 3 of us came from."

Weeks ago, I received a rock-bottom grade of 35/100 in my Math18 LT. My 2nd was no better... 29/100. I grieved over my catastrophic failures... even crying a tear because of them. All of my worries evaporated after I learned that the LTs were both nullified!!! Yes... The scores of those LTs are now meaningless... for a price. (I) was yanked out of Math18 regular course and thrown into the humiliating depths pf Basic Math18... along with majority of N! Yey! At least marami akong kasama.... Wala lang.
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