Limit (enzomniac037) wrote,

Shit... I was late for school again...

If it wasn't for the noisy bulldozer turtling across our house, I would have been at school MUCH later... I squinted my sleepy eyes at my wall clock trying to assure and reassure my self that it's already 09:35 (5 minutes late for my first class). When I finally arrived at school and sat down for my ENG11 class, the bell rang. Wonderful. So much for having English today...

Huff... Next time, I'll just join my brothers in their 07:00 trip to school. God knows what I'll do till 09:30, but at least I won't be late... ...I think.

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SATAN (my brother, Dom)!!! July 10th 2003, Dom turned 16. He and Rico got a 640x480 reso digital camera (Rico's birthday is on the 14th). Lucky them. (Haay... Wala na namang masulat na kapanapanabik...) The bell just rang... I'm outta here before I'm late again...
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