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(Bored at school... Heheh...)

I was still awake when the brownout at around 01:30 two days ago... busy checking email until everything went black. The first thought that came to my mind was to grope for the small green flashlight (similar to what JP gave me before) because "the old tooth fairy" might come. Heheh.

Placing my ear near my brother's door, I realized that he was still awake. I invited him to look for the emergency light downstairs which I placed on the 2nd floor hallway after I found it. I lit my mood lamp and a candle to illuminate my room. Minutes later, the glass where the candle resided, shattered because of the heat. I grabbed my mug, filled it with water and paced towards the broken glass to douse the flames. I splashed some water... tapos lumaki lalo yung apoy. Haha... Parang firebreather effect. (I forgot that I clean my mug with alcohol instead of soap. May natira pa siguro...) I just slept only to be jolted awake by the lights and fan minutes later...

The next brownout came yesterday at around 17:30. Natulog na lang ako nung 18:00... and woke up just in time to go to school today. 12 hours of sleep... Pathetic...

(Hmmh... Still bored...)

... ...want to try and headshot a guy with a cap? ·_·"


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July 9 2003, 00:57:58 UTC 14 years ago

Hey I can post! XD
I clicked the guy but nothing came out. :(
You must've missed...
Wah! :'( Miss ko na kayo! :P Daddy! Kapatid! :P Super dami kasing mga homework and tests... wah! la pa ko pwedeng tanungan kasi advance yung class namin sa lahat ng subjects! :'( -mia
Speaking of missing things, I miss you both too. :p Dom's friends and cousins are over and I feel so... ALONE.


July 11 2003, 05:15:47 UTC 14 years ago

Ako sobrang konti naman at walang homework sa weekend except sa eco (at ang dali) at namimiss ko kayo with all of my free time. :( Buti na lng may RO. XD


July 12 2003, 00:32:02 UTC 14 years ago

I miss you all! :D Sigh...

I miss you too, Vig. :)

Heck, I miss everybody... Vince too, even though we meet 5 days a week...

... ... ... ...damn it.



July 13 2003, 02:19:38 UTC 14 years ago

Plan a gimik daddy! mommy! -mia :P