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From Regular Math 18... to this insane, preposterous hell...

(Hover the mouse for translation...)

Vince: Sir! Tingnan niyo naman 'to o. Tama naman 'to di ba?
(Our prof and I check his paper. Sure enough, Vince's answer was correct.
It coincides with the teacher's... and fortunately, mine too.)
Math18 professor Mr. Quimpo: Ah hinde. Ngayon mo lang sinulat yan 'eh. Grabe ka ha? Academic dishonesty yan ah.
Vince (still giving all due respect...): Pero sir, wala akong black ballpen! Tingnan niyo pa yung bag ko.
(I motion him to just give it up and walk away...)
Limit: We lose!

This... is Basic Math18.

Living a world of lies would probably be one of the last things I'd wish to do in my life...
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