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My PC's fixed again... It must be because of one of the countless kicks I've given it...

Sidestepping, only 2 hours worth of classes are scheduled tomorrow. Ohohohohoh. I love Fridays... if it only starts early. Say, 08:00. I won't be late... I won't be late... I won't be late... I won't be late... I won't be late... I won't be late...

"Study gimik" on Sunday. ...Mia invited 4th year high school survivors (Limit, Vince) to a "study gimik" this Sunday. I'll aid/tutor my friends in their preparations for the nearing UPCAT and ACET. I decided to attend... This is for you girls... Hopefully, I will stil be able to reminisce on the items, topics and coverage of the UPCAT. I'm afraid I have forgotten majority of the subjects covered... but I'll try to help out whenever, wherever I can. I wishfully, will be able to boost the girls' Math percentile to mine.

98 Mathematics percentile!!! Mwahahahahaha! why was I shoved into Basic Math18 again?

Ghh. Vince's not coming with us... again, like in EK. -_-(···) Oh hell.
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