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"I learned today... that I need you more each daaaaaaay...."

Clarissa, JP (Camiguing) and I hang out in SEC-A... silent and unconscious of each other's presence.
... ... ... ...anong gagawin niyo kapag nakaka-miss kayo ng tao?
JP: Wala.
Clarissa: ...wala.
Limit: Wala? Wala...?
*We become silent once more as I continue to gaze at the clouds in deep thought...*

Sidestepping, I just realized something incredible these past few days: I love programming. I recently made a "Guess the Number" game and a "Math Flash Cards" game where you have to add, subtract, multiply or divide two random integers. PROUD! I typed each code without any aid from my father, a programming guru, and I also completed it within a short time.

Hh... That's all.

Friday night:</b> (I was late for class yet again...) Went to "Badong: A tribute to a National Artist" in grade school so that I will be rewarded a free cut for my Lit class this Friday. Pitched in on household chores. Programmed the Flash Cards game.

Saturday Morn: NSTP (outreach) from 07:00 to 15:00. Household chores from 18:00 to 21:00. More programming.

Sunday: Slept till 12:00. Household chores. Had haircut. Programmed FlashCardsPlus where the integers are now sometimes negative and sometimes two-digit. Slept.
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